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Frizon Display Typeface

Frizon Display Typeface

After a while, designers realize the impact the usage of two fonts has on viewers. And the more different these fonts are, the heavier the effect. That’s why creating an impeccable collection of fonts that you can have access to at a moment’s notice is a step all designers should take, so why not start with this new font created by our Unblast team?

This is Frizon, an abstract display typeface with a spectacular set of upper letters, numbers, and symbols. The characters with their sharp edges also display a striking anomaly, one that can be noticed in the peculiar geometric designs of the letters including R, A, H, and T. This bold font can be added to branding and packaging designs, logos, banners for social media platforms and websites, advertisements, posters, apparel designs, headlines, and many other projects that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Frizon Display Typeface 2

Frizon Display Typeface 3

Frizon Display Typeface 4

Frizon Display Typeface 5

Frizon Display Typeface - Letters

Frizon Display Typeface - Poster

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