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Free 3D Backdrop Mockup (PSD)

3D Backdrop Mockup

Whenever a play takes place, a lot of attention is given to the actors, but let’s not forget the importance of all the details: the setting, the lights, the props, and, of course, the backdrop. Backdrops help build the scene and puts the characters in the needed environment. And because these tools require a lot of creativity and designing, we brought you this 3D backdrop mockup provided by Rafael Lutinski that comes in 4K resolution.

The mockup presents from 3 positions (including a front view and a perspective view) a backdrop banner with its metal support. The large area of display will keep its high resolution no matter how much you zoom in, so your designs, easily added via Adobe Photoshop, will always appear in the best way possible. Realistically display your designs for your next wedding or graduation ceremony, special occasions, performances, or even speeches, and mix grand colors, elegant fonts, and logos, and stimulating graphics and concepts.

3D Backdrop Mockup 1

3D Backdrop Mockup 2

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