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Salonikia Display Font

Salonikia Display Font

With its crystal clear waters, striking natural backdrops, and heart-warming culture, Greece is a land that has never stopped drawing those with a romantic and adventurous spirit to it. For centuries, Greek architecture and art have influenced design in a plethora of ways. From the iconic columns that adorned ancient Greek temples to popular decorative motifs like the meander, the Greek style is one that conjures up old world charm and modern simplicity.

As the first font member of the VKF family, Vasilis Kanaris curated this beautiful font as a homage to the ancient Macedonian city of Thessalonica, after which it is named. Salonikia VFK is a handwritten display font, consisting of only capitals and numerals, providing support for both Greek and English alphabets. Perfect for posters, apparel, packaging, and branding projects, feel free to incorporate this breezy font into your graphic design endeavours to give them the much-coveted Greek aesthetics that has always been a favourite among art lovers and general audiences alike!

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