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Kabond Display Font

Kabond Display Font

Any type of text can educate, inform, and even entertain, with titles and headlines having a different purpose than body texts. But there is also an impression to be made with each one, whether it’s the first impression that’s confirmed later on or changed depending on the info presented. And for a lasting impression, we recommend Kabond from Nicolas Silvian.

Opposites attract, and, with this display font, opposites come together for one extravagant design. With extremely thin lines and wide strokes that create unusual geometric shapes, a modern presentation can be added to your project. Kabond can truly shock your viewers, and if they look closely enough, they’ll find another surprise within each letter. A dark background with light-colored texts, or vice versa, allows these different designs to be noted with the distinguishable width variation, especially the thin characters, so users can share charming packaging designs for jewelry, magazine covers, or special edition agendas.

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