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Work at Home Illustration (AI, SVG, EPS)

Work at Home Illustration

As well as the positive aspects of working from home there are also many negatives that can cause stress to people who need the support of the office environment. People who are particularly new to the workforce can find working from home particularly difficult. Where they would normally work amongst more superior colleagues who can provide support and guidance for them in their new role, employees who are new to their position can find it the struggle is not to have somebody beside them to turn and ask simple questions.

A young man sits at the computer at home performing his work tasks but he is visibly under the pressure of accomplishing his tasks without a supportive member of his team nearby. This is a major concern for young people or new people within the workforce in having to find their own way. It is not something that has been written about wildly. Through this illustration, you could write about this problem in a business article or newsletter talking about the untold difficulties of working from home.

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