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Wooden Frame Chalkboard Mockup

ChalkBoard Frame Mockup

Whether it is about painting on the canvas, drawing in the sketch book, making a sculpture or designing a monument, whether it is creating a souvenir or designing a dress, whether it is about logo making or mapping the house; anything that can transform any horrendous looking thing to something beautiful is art and great presentation is very important as it facilitates this art. This unique chalkboard mock-up can be used by lettering artists and typographers. It can also be used to propose restaurant or cafe menus or special offer design before creating the typography and lettering work. This chalkboard mock-up not only allows you to display your design lettering but also your designs in vintage style. The background, texture, drawing colour can be modified or changed via smart objects.

A special thanks to Design Bolts for the fantastic mock-up designs. You can check out his portfolio for more of his design work.

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