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Wild Animals Vector Icons (AI)

Wild Animals Vector Icons

Wild animals are scary and can be very dangerous but whenever we turn them into toys they are always cute and cuddly. We even give wild animal toys to our children and know that our children will just adore them. What’s more is that in reality, many of these animals would be timid and fearful of humans. But in our toy versions, they are always a child’s best friend and even ready to go to the ends of the earth with them.

This sweet little set of wild animal icons definitely makes you go all gooey as you look at their lovable faces. In fact, we can tell that it was the intention of the designer for us to feel this way because of the teeny little love heart next to each of the animals. Make the most of the fact that you can download these gorgeous little wild animal icons for free. Apply them to your work as a group or individually. Keep them handy and use them like stickers by popping them into your work at unexpected times.

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