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Wax Seal Stamp Mockup (PSD)

Wax Sel Stamp Mockup

This mock-up allows you place your design onto a wax seal and stamp; it is perfect for creating your personal emblem or company logo or badge. The scene features a realistic wooden wax seal stamp with a wax sealed blank envelope on a grey background displayed in three different views; one view shows the three objects, another shows a closeup view of the seal, and the third, the close up of the stamp’s head where you can place your design easily. In the scene, you can change the color of the seal, envelope and background via smart objects. Your just place your logo on the seal and stamp to give your design a more official look.

Thanks to Graphic Burger for sharing this very innovative mock-up design, for more, feel free to visit their website.

Free Download free download Category Logos Software / Format ps Posted : 2 Jun, 2018 7,974 Views