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Virtual Reality Vector Illustration (AI)

Virtual Reality Vector Illustration

The future is a really exciting place. Technology is making us question what is doable and what our limits as humans are. Just a few years ago, you had to travel for hours and spend hundreds on plane tickets just for the pleasure of seeing the wonder of the Egyptian Pyramids or Mount Rushmore. Thanks to science and many smart technologists, this isn’t the case anymore. Using virtual reality, you can experience being on a roller coaster, killing zombies, or strolling through feudal Japan from the comfort of your couch.

This vector illustration captures the feelings we get with a VR headset on. It depicts an adult with long hair experiencing virtual reality in all its wonder. The person’s amazement and immersion are shown as they interact with fantastical objects around them with the background being of the vastness of space- signifying the universes virtual reality is taking them on.

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Software / Format ai License : Personal & Commercial Use Posted : 11 Dec, 2020 1,263 Views