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University Life Illustration (AI)

University Life Illustration

University life is an experience, and quite a great one at that. It transforms you on a grass-root level, and nobody ever walks out of college life the same person as they were when they set their foot into the campus for the very first time. While university life is made up of the little things such as the friends you make, the experiences you have, the adventures you go on, your favorite place to get coffee and that cheap taco place you frequent far too often, it is for most parts about the good old academia – taking classes, passing exams and slowly inching towards becoming a graduate. And somewhere along the way, universities become the place that you call your home.

The illustration we have today is a reflection of the most important academic aspects of university life – piles of books, burning the midnight oil, path-breaking ideas, coursework and assignments, and teamwork. Available for free download in vector format, you can customize and personalize the illustration by throwing in a few more elements and/or taking away some of the already existing ones. It’s an artwork that would speak for itself on brochures, posters, college-related articles, academic websites and much more. So go ahead and give a sneak peek of what your institution has to offer, with an air of creativity, friendliness and visual appeal!

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