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Think Sans Serif Typeface

Think Sans Serif Typeface

Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. Descartes’ ideas concerning the existence of human beings are still debated today and the meaning of his classic quote still resonates with us, even if our ideologies have changed. But to think innovatively with this new font definitely proves not just the simple existence of your work but its quality and excellence as well.

Think is a sans serif display typeface with plenty to offer with its simplistic characters that can be used for futuristic movie titles, albums, branding presentations, etc. It offers a playful and retro touch with a modern element that takes inspiration from mid-century modern and art deco typography, allowing for dashing personal projects with its free download. The typeface designer of Think, Embuntype, did not shy away from versatility and included, with the premium version, 4 different styles: regular, bold, regular italic, and bold italic.

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