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Tapioca Display Typeface

Bantayog Typeface

Since designers want to show the amount of work put into their fonts, the latter don’t often give the impression of being natural. So if you’re looking for a font that speaks the language of the people, you won’t have to look far since nothing says genuine like a font inspired by a hand-crafted sign of a tapioca stand.

From this simple inspiration, Guilherme França was able to share Tapioca, a new friendly typeface presenting both letters and numbers. And as Tapioca is a tool created for all, superiority ceases to exist with its characters that contain no capital letters, allowing your designs to carry a balanced presentation that gives attention to whatever you type. The uneven characteristics of this font appear in the stems of the letters and their spacing, so that each project from bubble tea ads to coffee shop signs can carry that genuine feel every viewer enjoys.

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