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Taekwondo Vector Illustration (AI)

Taekwondo Illustration

Taekwondo has become a very popular sport in current times following the rise of martial art popularity. You generally need to be healthy and fit to make the most of this very energetic form of martial arts that combines kicking strikes and a series of high-level combinations. It is not a sport for everyone due to the risk factor of being a full-contact sport. There are many safety rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in a Taekwondo sports facility to keep the members from suffering injuries. Students may also wear protective gear specifically designed for this sport.

Illustration depicting the martial arts of Taekwondo has been represented with a student practicing his kicks against a partner who is wearing hand pads. The activity of jumping and striking the boxing bag is also displayed graphically with symbols representing the strike. On the right-hand side, we can see the equipment that the student may wear during sparring to protect themselves from the risk of injury.

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