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Strude Script Font

Strude Font

You may believe that the fonts you choose to use in your designs should reflect the purpose of the project at hand, and that is true up to a certain extent. But you need to remember that your font choice also says a lot about your personal style and taste. The new resource we’re sharing today is a font that satisfies both.

Strude is a script font designed and shared by Letteralle. It presents an urban personality that still respects the classic art of calligraphy and shows it in every letter, in the swirls of the S, the loops of the O, and the straight crossbars of the T. And it is thanks to this duality that Strude can be included in projects for menus, store signs, branding and packaging designs, magazines, as well as online posters and banners, and social media posts.

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Strude Font 2

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