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Stoked Free Font

Stoked Font

The word “stoked” is popularly used nowadays especially on social media and between close friends. To be stoked is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic. This free font is called stoked; it supposedly gives a “stoking” feeling and message. It’s a display typeface rescued from a rejected 5 custom letters logo. Marie-Michelle Dupuis, the author of this free font, couldn’t stand the idea of her designs getting tossed into a black hole, where all the sad rejected ideas go. So she created the rest of these stoked letters.

There are no limits to what you can do with this free font. Whether you want to use it for your typographic logo design, for posters or billboards, or even magazine covers. The font works great with any medium. So get creative and prepare to be stoked!

Stoked Font

Stoked Font Letters

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