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Squad Font Family

Squad Font

This font isn’t called “Squad” for no reason. You know how your squad (friends) always got your back and you could count on them in anything, well same thing goes to today’s font family.

Squad is a sans serif font inspired by Adrian Frutiger’s perfectionist style hence it’s perfect for any project design; it’s available in more than 130 languages (including Cyrillic, Greek and Latin), in 18 styles from think to black and in over 780 glyphs.  It’s such a functional typeface that you can use it for any text, headlines, poster design, branding, web design and all sorts of advertisements. So whenever you’re working on a new project and don’t know which font to use, just call up your “squad”, they got you covered!

Thanks to Font Fabric for sharing this amazing font family. Check out their portfolio for more useful resources like this one.

Squad Font Squad Font Squad Font Squad Font Squad Font Squad Font Squad Font Squad Font

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