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Social Media People Doodles (AI)

Social Media People Doodles

We live in the digital era where social media is a massive part of our lives. Almost 4.62 billion people (58.4% of the world population) use social media channels. People use social platforms for various reasons: connectivity, education, content sharing, and even to run businesses. Although social media does come with some shortcomings, it has become such an integral part of our lives that it is hard to imagine life without it. 

Whether in the comfort of our home, having a break at work, or walking through a subway, using social media has become a norm for us. In this doodle, we can see the people sharing their photos or videos to connect, teach, or present their “personal image” with their social network. Building an engaging social presence has become beneficial for running businesses, applying for a job, or becoming a part of a community.

This customizable (AI) social media with people doodle is free to use (commercial & personal). It is helpful to showcase the impact of social networks for marketing, education, or other design purposes.

File Adobe Illustrator Personal & Commercial Use
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