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Snot Free Display Font

Snot Display Font

Snot may not be the prettiest word out there, nor the mental images it carries. But in the world of design, we know that we need both the good and the bad, the stunning and the questionable, and some projects demand us to see the unusual in a new light, and today, that includes snot.

Slimy and dreamy, Snot is a free display font created by Søren Højen for personal and commercial usage. It carries wobbly letters and slimy designs, with some characters presenting an even stranger display. And you can find that, even though the characters are unusual in their own way, the baseline and ascender line are the same with every letter for a professional project. The vivid design of Snot is ideal for children’s projects including animation videos or horror/ science fiction books, but you can also use it for movie posters, tickets, album art, comic books, branding designs, etc.

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