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Skater Vector Illustration (AI)

Skater Vector Illustration

Skateboarding is an incredible sport of daring and speed that is often undertaken within a city or suburban environment. The concrete and building structures provide the skateboarder with the perfect equipment for advanced skateboarding techniques and daring feats. Many tricks that they try out come to mind in an instant as they see an obstacle or gap in their pathway before them. With the experience and perfected balance they skillfully navigate their surroundings on their skateboards.

A street-wise skateboarder flies high as he rides the air over the steps within a built-up environment. A second skateboarder is seen in the background surrounded by streetlights with the moon up high. This illustration describes the notion of an experienced skateboarder who is beyond the novice stage and well equipped to handle the obstacles that are presented in an instant. You may download this vivid illustration to use in your magazine articles or presentations with work relating to this very popular sport that is now part of the Olympic scene.

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