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Scotland Blackletter Display Font

Scotland Blackletter Display Font

Designers have a plethora of comforts offered by modern technology at their expense, and yet when it comes to seeking a source of inspiration, many of us still cannot help going all the way to the past. It can’t be denied that wood block printing, the Gutenberg press and sweet hand-painted signs continue to make us gasp in awe with an alluring beauty that still holds strong despite the avalanching advancements of modern technology. This fascination with the past has resulted in a love affair in the creative community for vintage and retro typography. It’s not uncommon to see branding, typefaces and even websites and apps inspired by old school styles.

Whether you’re a designer working in the typography space looking to jumpstart your creative process or merely a humble admirer, Scotland is a typeface that is sure to catch your fancy at once. Designed by Open City Design, Scotland is an old-school, blackletter display font which features a subtle vintage texture that has the required effect without being too imposing. Available for both personal and commercial use, the font offers lowercase alphabets that can be used in any kind of traditional, grunge or vintage design projects.

Whether it is a logotype you are designing for your website or a poster that has an essence of the past, Scotland is definitely a font you would not want to miss!

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