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Salt Clean Minimalistic Sans Serif Font

Salt Sans Serif Font

Salt is a master in the kitchen, a rule all chefs abide by. From the simplest act of boiling pasta to the demanding process of making Marinara sauce, salt should always be added for an exquisite experience. And because we constantly strive for the best, we share with you Salt, a clean sans serif that showcases curvy crossbars and tails.

This font is designed by Masha Chuprova who put great effort into a minimalistic design that can be used for UX and UI designs and branding and packaging projects. Because of the artistic appeal of the font, it can also be used with watercolor illustrations, photographs, and digital artwork, and added to apparel designs, cards, and bookmarks. You can even apply a special effect and make it part of apparel designs and posters. Salt with its set of uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols and its 2 weights, regular and bold, can be added to personal and commercial projects.

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