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Retro Old Phone 3D Model

Retro Old Phone 3D Model

“The world got itself in a big damn hurry” – (Brooks: Shawshank Redemption). Humanity is going forward, so is the way we communicate. However, we sometimes miss the memories of how we do things in the past, which is why rare items are preserved. The old rotary dial telephone is one and it’s definitely a useful interior décor object nowadays.

Here is a free 3d model of a red rotary-look dial phone to add more classiness to your 3d living room, bedroom, or office space visualizations. A mirror-perfect reproduction of a big bright red old phone that you can use in your personal and commercial projects. Add a retro touch to your renderings with this high-quality model provided by Vladimir Radetzki. You get it in FBX, Max, and Obj formats to create enjoyable visual treatments in no time. And if you need immediate and quick rendering, you get the textures and materials as well.

Retro Old Phone 3D Model 2

Retro Old Phone 3D Model 3

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Software / Format 3d Posted : 26 May, 2020 2,024 Views