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Responsive Devices Showcase Mockup (PSD)

Responsive Devices Mockup

A great mockup is one that allows you to showcase more than one element in a manner that does not look forced, but that elegantly blends all of these different parts together to create one single masterpiece. And since we love this kind of tools, and we’re sure that you appreciate them as well, here is the project devices mockup.

The third volume of the angled perspective responsive UI series comes in PSD format and is provided by Pixeden. It offers you the chance to showcase your designs on two phones, a smartwatch, and a business card/ letter. You can mix and match whatever you want and easily insert it in the mockup using the smart layers. These great items are accompanied by a laptop and a cactus plant to add a fun touch to your designs and to put everything in a more realistic environment.

Responsive Devices Mockup

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