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Renda Serif Font

Renda Serif Font

Texts may not sound like the most exciting things out there since the first things that come to mind are long works of literature and reading material with endless connotations and hidden meanings, most of which cannot actually be proven. But some texts are far more entertaining and direct, with no secret messages to decipher other than what’s displayed right in front of you. So when you want to get straight to the point with clear yet aesthetic designs, you can use Renda.

Renda is brought to you by Olex Studio, a playful serif typeface that doesn’t shy away from extravagance. Its cursive style and sets of stylistic alternates available for both uppercase and lowercase letters are eye-catching, so Renda can be used for your daily typography needs or for more unusual artwork like tattoo designs and stamps. And whether you choose to decorate the beginning, middle, or end of your texts and logotypes, it’ll never be an issue since Renda’s fabulous selection is also easy to apply. In addition to invitations, this font’s lavish style can be used for diplomas and important documents that will later on be elegantly framed and displayed.

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