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Rasputin Serif Font

Rasputin Serif Font

Rasputin is a figure surrounded by mystery, an enigma in our modern day and back when he first left his mark. His life story and demise, which almost sound fictional, cause both confusion and excitement, with stories that still carry a heavy toil to this day. He even became part of Russian folklore and myth, and just like he leaves us to wonder about him today, so does this font from Jehoo Creative.

Presenting Rasputin, a new serif font with refined characters and plenty of options to use. Create high-quality branding designs where simplicity is key or use Rasputin for flyers, magazines, online posts, etc. And with the right colors and background, the slim lines of its characters can even give off an unsettling feeling, perfect for horror book covers, titles, and posters. It comes with 4 different weights (light, regular, semi-bold, and bold) with the regular one presented for free while the rest of the selection is made available with the premium version.

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