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Quittance Sans Serif Font

Quittance Sans Serif Font

Modern brands have less time than ever to connect with their audiences and in doing so, try to make their messages as appealing, accessible, and digestible as possible. With an inundation of marketing messages, people screen for what they find engaging, and ignore brands unless they are personally invested in the message. It’s obvious why the central modernist ideals of simplicity and efficiency prevail, and that sans serifs are ubiquitous as ever.

Many contemporary brands also desire to be seen as forward-thinking, edgy, current, and even youthful. The sans serif connotations of modernity and innovation help reinforce these perceptions, and as audiences, media, and the marketplace constantly evolve, brands do not want to be left behind.

If you’re looking to make an impact with typography for your brand, you need to look no further than Quittance, a bold, strong and modern, all caps sans serif typeface. Designed by Ilya Zakharov, the font offers the alphabets in uppercase, along with numerals and punctuations. Great for eye-catching content, Quittance is quite a head-turner when used in headlines, posters, magazine covers, logo design and pretty much any place where you need a small amount of content to stand out and speak to the audiences instantly.

Free for personal as well as commercial use, there is just about no reason why you should not give this strong display font a shot!

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