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Public Sans Neutral Typeface

Public Sans Typeface

Fonts that can be used for large designs and for regular texts are a national treasure. These kinds of tools save you space and time since you can easily have access to the font you’re using in one project and you don’t have to roam around your mind to choose which fonts go well together. We are presenting to you today Public Sans, a neutral open-source typeface provided by USWDS that offers a set of simple uppercase and lowercase letters.

The free font is suitable for titles, headers, and logos that reflect a formal and professional look which means that you can use it for posters and flyers for academic events and activities or for business cards for publishing houses and journalists. And because it’s a sans font that comes in 9 weights, it can be included in full texts and articles, websites, and applications. The multilingual typeface is a fork of the SIL Open Licensed face Libre Franklin released by USWDS.

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Public Sans Font

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