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Porao Condensed Font

Porao Condensed Font

Typography designs aren’t just another addition to the project, they’re what makes the first impression. Typography in all of its types is body language and each slight movement counts. It’s a message and it can be delivered softly or with a loud roar, so when you want your message to be loud and clear, Porão is the font for you. An underground scene vibe that manifests its name and its characters, bringing a dark street vibe that’s ideal for music-related projects including logos, album art, and posters.

This font features 4 versions, all of which carry the moody and capturing designs created by Caio Designer, including a regular, a serif, an inline, and a Grottesche style. The regular style already brings you a peculiar display with long thin capital letters, so imagine what you can create with the Grottesche style which features web-like designs that gloomily shine on book covers and capture customers in branding and packaging projects.

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