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Physician Vector Illustration (AI)

Physician Vector Illustration

Since the very inception of medical sciences, physicians have possessed a unique body of knowledge and skills, and put them to use in the care of patients. As such, the doctor-patient interaction was paramount and served as the foundation of a personal, caring relationship that has stood the test of time. But the forces that are changing 21st-century medicine are on track to disrupt millennia of tradition.

With technology enabling patients using wearables and insideables to receive growing portions of their care wherever they happen to be physically located, there has never been better prospects for innovators to come up with technology that enables the democratization of healthcare. If you’re one of these disruptors looking to venture into the world of health-tech, or even simply own a web service that offers medical advice and consultation to people – our today’s resource is for you!

The vector illustration – designed in Adobe Illustrator – showcases a physician happily attending to his patients through a digital medium. As we move towards a world where digital consultation is bound to only pick up and become the new ‘normal’ – this design resource is one which could truly help your audiences understand the concept of your services and be attracted to use them.

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