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Phishing Alert Illustration

Phishing Alert Illustration

As our world is moving more towards digitization, the risks of cyber-attacks seem to be becoming more common. According to research, 2,244 cyber-attacks occur every day on the internet. The hackers steal our private information to fulfill their dark motives. That’s why governments and private companies are providing cyber security services to eliminate the risks of digital assaults from hackers.

Phishing is among the most common cyber-attacks in the world. A hacker sends a fake email to ask about victims’ private information, and some people fall for it. Sometimes the phishers have malicious websites to deceive visitors. They will attach a ransomware program with software to track people and their online behaviors. The Phishing Alert illustration shows us the same thing, like how phishers use different ways to access our private information. 

Download and customize the Phishing Alert Illustration (AI, EPS, PNG, SVG & PDF) according to your needs, as it is totally free to use. Ideally, cyber security websites, businesses selling security solutions, or marketers and designers designing cyber security content can use it to promote their offerings.

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