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Perspective Responsive Screen Mockup (PSD)

Perspective Responsive Screen Mockup

Individuals are met by screens throughout their day. From laptops to ad screens, when people stare, there is always a screen starring back, so turning that into something interesting becomes almost impossible, and that’s why a new look is needed. Well, relax because your glamorous resource made “with love” by Tran Mau Tri Tam is already here.

This is the perspective responsive screen mockup that comes in PSD format. It introduces a number of screens including a laptop and a phone with a mouse that adds a realistic touch. Given the amount of space you have to display your graphics, you can go wild with the combinations and the possibilities available since you can use it for UI designs, advertisements, PC apps, websites, or even simple images. Feel free to include this mockup in both personal and commercial projects.

Perspective Responsive Screen Mockup 1

Perspective Responsive Screen Mockup

File Adobe Photoshop
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