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Perfect Binding US Letter Brochure Mockup (PSD)

US Letter Brochure Mockup

Confident designers are proud of sharing every aspect of their creations, of putting the little details front and center to show their hard work. So to proud creators out there, we’re so happy to present to you this free US letter binding brochure mockup. With 6 shots, you can display your designs for the front and the back covers, a couple of the pages, and even the spine.

Create a powerful brochure layout and cover presentation for your fashion brands, history magazine supplements, portfolios, architectural artwork… This mockup shared for free by Mockups Design also comes with easy editing features that allow you to finish the job in no time via Adobe Photoshop. Use the 6 shots for an elaborate project or pick your favorite and provide a general presentation that can be used for private and commercial purposes.

US Letter Brochure Mockup 1

US Letter Brochure Mockup 2

US Letter Brochure Mockup 4

US Letter Brochure Mockup 5

US Letter Brochure Mockup 6

Free Download free download Category Brochures Software / Format ps Posted : 18 Oct, 2019 3,079 Views