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Panton Rust Sans Font

Pantone Rust Font

Surrealism, experimentalism, and other avant-garde movements threw the rules out the window for the sake of art and its sublime existence. Today, you bring your own tools to the table and share with the world the golden opportunities art can provide with Panton Rust, the new type system of 72 fonts.

The wide selection it offers paves the way for simple, modern, elegant, and even grungy projects. Each font brings a new personality and all you need to do is type in a few words. The Panton Rust sans serif provides 42 fonts that vary between 5 weights including heavy and semi-bold while the Panton Rust script leaves your viewers satisfied with iconic cursive letters. In addition to its Open Type features, this resources comes with a fine selection of characters containing numbers, punctuations, fractions, symbols, as well as Latin and Cyrillic characters that provide support for over 130 languages. Take advantage of these features and use Font Fabric’s astounding tool for headers, magazines, newspapers, book covers, business cards, branding designs, pins, websites, applications, etc.

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