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Online Chat Support Illustration (AI)

Online Chat Support Illustration

More and more websites are becoming active in using chat support to help their customers with their inquiries in a fast and efficient way. To do this they have different methods of communicating with their website visitors. Some websites set up a list of automated topics such as an FAQ answer list that will present queries directly to the customer. The customer then has the easy option to simply click on their question and read the answer or follow the link provided.

Alternatively, there is an online chat with a live representative that can answer the questions that the online visitor is asking. These people can follow through with a full, live conversation. Oftentimes the people on the end of the line are outsourced team members who have been supplied with a series of answers so that they can assist the customer with their query in a timely way.

If they reach a point where they cannot assist further, the information is passed to the actual business where somebody will contact that prospect and speak directly to them, usually via phone or email communication.

This vector illustration of an online chat support person at work shows them sitting at a computer with the multiple people they are responding to. Use this illustration in your blog post articles or magazine articles.

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