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On the Way Package Insurance Icons (Sketch)

Package Insurance Icons

Package deliveries are being provided nowadays by most postal systems, express mail, and a load of private courier companies. If you’re in the parcel delivery business, you have to work on your branding and marketing to outgrow your competitors. You might also want to provide shipping insurance to protect shippers against lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

One way to excel is to have an application and a website that allows users to track their parcels. Today we bring you a set of icons that you can use on your UX or UI mobile or website designs, one depicting a delivery truck to indicate that a package is on the way, and another showing a fragile badge to specify that the shipment is ensured. The set provided by Marta Jagielska is available in Sketch format and has been created using simple, fully vector shapes for easy editing on your part.

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