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Nexa Font Family

Nexa Font Family

Typography is what essentially brings text to life. It is responsible for attracting the attention of the users, holding the said attention, and creating brand recognition in the longer run. Given the power of type design to persuade and impress, choosing the right fonts in your design is indispensable. Empower your design with the type choice it deserves with Nexa, a font family by Font Fabric.

The full Nexa font family comes with 9 different weights and 36 fonts, out of which 4 fonts are absolutely free of cost. With a distinguishable feel and superior legibility, Nexa is the answer to all your font searches for everything ranging from motion graphics to web design, from print to geometric designs. Use Nexa Black for headings to make your brand presence be felt, or Nexa Light/Regular for the text on your digital websites to make it easily readable. Use it in different weights throughout your design, or go crazy with strategic use of different fonts to complement Nexa. No matter what you do, Nexa is sure to deliver what it promises!

Nexa Font 2

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Nexa Font 9

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Nexa Font 12

Nexa Font 12

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