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Nelphim Modern Font

Nelphim Modern Font

Most styles and art movements are born as a reaction to previous ones, a refusal of what has passed in the hopes of bringing something new including ways of exploration and expression. And we’ve finally reached a point where we can practice and try these different movements, combining opposites for something completely new, and today, the Unblast team shares something new of its own.

Nelphim is a modern font whose characters allow each element to have its moment of glory. If you can’t decide between serif and sans serif letters, you don’t have to pick anymore with Nelphim. Its innovative designs, as well as multi-lingual characters, bring an unusual presentation where originality manifests itself with elegance. The wonderful designs of Nelphim, which although modern, hold a classic touch, so you can retell of the tales of Greek Gods using Nelphim for new and updated book covers or introduce your businesses and brands, using this free font for typography art, online platforms, or ads and menus.

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