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Murberry Fashion Font

Murberry Fashion Font

Fashion has come a long way from simply dressing for occasions, to becoming an expression of one’s self. More than vivid colors or soft textiles, fashion is now defined by the styling and statement that they make with their branding. This is where beautiful typography comes into picture. Fonts that stand out from the rest set the tone for how people perceive your brand, and when chosen wisely, your fonts can dress up or complete an already handsome design. Think of it as adding the right accessory or putting on nice shoes.

If you’re looking for a typography that would complement your fashion brand, we have for you Murberry – a chic fashion font by Aluyeah Studio. It is a classic and modern serif font that comes with a bunch of alternates for each character, which are sure to make your branding exercises stunning enough to stand out in the crowd. Inspired and crafted after one of the leading fashion brands, the font carries undeniable elegance to your words and brings with it uppercase and lowercase letters, along with a variety of alternate and upper case only ligatures, special combinations, numbers and punctuations. The typeface may not be a good fit for long runs of text, but nothing beats its beauty when used in pursuits such as fashion branding, luxury advertising, cosmetics, invitation cards, wedding designs, branding, packaging, magazines, social media posts, headers, headlines and basically any other place where content is sparse yet supremely important.

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