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Murat Grotesque Font Family

Murat Grotesque Font

Families are supposed to be different. And although it may seem unlikely at times, they bring out the best of us, highlighting what makes us so unique including this font family designed and shared by BUYUKSEL.

Murat Grotesque is a sans serif font family with tall condescend designs that can be used for bold headlines that immediately draw attention or for texts that comfortably share information. Add Murat Grotesque to your magazines and blogs or use it for posters, flyers, and even brochures. Create menus for your new coffee shop or use it for textbooks with its large collection that consists of over 600 glyphs with multi-language support. The family includes 24 fonts with multiple weights ranging from thin to black and options for italics and alternatives that can be combined for an extraordinary modern experience for both designer and viewer.

Murat Grotesque Font 1

Murat Grotesque Font 2

Murat Grotesque Font 3

Murat Grotesque Font 4

Murat Grotesque Font 5

Murat Grotesque Font 6

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