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Muay Thai Vector Illustration (AI)

Muay Thai Vector Illustration

Muay Thai, which has been dubbed as the science of eight limbs, is a form of kickboxing sport that hails all the way from Thailand. This intense combat sport has been soaring in popularity in recent years because of its promising benefits – not only in physical aspects, but in mental acuity as well.

Our today’s design freebie is a resource that visually illustrates this amazing contact sport with utmost care. The vector illustration has been designed in Adobe Illustrator, and depicts a Muay Thai enthusiast practicing his moves in a traditional setting. Sporting bright red gloves and the traditional bandana, the illustration creates a beautiful juxtaposition by placing bright red, auburn and black against muted tones used for creating the background. Download this illustration for free today and use it to promote your martial art studio, business or the sport in the spotlight!

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