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Montserrat Font Family

Fonts are used for everything! They have their own personality and everyone has their favorite font that they use regularly. So a font is a very important element in the design process. Designers spend hours trying to choose the perfect font for their project. A font also represents the brand, sends a message and gives an impression. A successful font should be clear, easy to read and has a certain color/contrast with its surrounding. Today, we bring you Montserrat, a modern san-serif free font that you can use with absolutely any project. This font works great with logo design, brochure text layout, book design, invitation cards and all sorts of other projects. It also includes a variety of typefaces you can use for a more creative layout. You can also use this font for your resume layout, to separate text and differentiate subtitles.

Thank you Font Squirrel for sharing this amazing font. For more goodies check out their website.

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