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Momcake Sans Serif Font

Momcake Sans Serif Font

Our birthday parties always included cakes made by our beloved mothers. And admittedly, they were not delicious nor mouth-watering most of the time, but it was the sentiment that mattered, the sentiment that drives us to this day. And with Momcake, the sans serif typeface from Rivian Art, we remember these special times and desserts. If you’re a writer, you’re going to need a versatile font that meets your needs, so download Momcake, adding the uppercase characters to your sets in the process, and feature it in magazines and blogs, decorating your pieces with charming headlines and headers.

This modern geometric font also offers you two weights, thin and bold, that can be mixed within an engaging branding project or used individually. It even includes rounded versions of each style for a softer option. And if you find yourself in need of lowercase letters, then consider the premium version.

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