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Mobile and Web Wireframe Prototyping Template System

Mobile and Web Prototyping System
Mobile and Web Prototyping System

Looking to speed up your workflow and design process? Then the elements contained in this package can help you create amazing flowcharts. Elements like arrows, gestures, labels etc. are available and easily customizable.
With this wireframe prototyping system template, you can:
1. Resize easily
You can easily resize the elements to your liking, and all these in very quick and comfortable manner
2. Customize easily
Adjust fonts, colors; update styles and refresh styles. These are some of the fun you can have with the system.
The pack is available in 4 colors and useful for your personal and commercial web and mobile projects.

Mobile and Web Prototyping System

Big thanks to Lstore Graphics for this amazing freebies. Check out their website to gain access to even more.

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