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Mitchaella Luxury Serif Font

Mitchaella Serif Font

The sacred bond of marriage is celebrated all around the world, and a wedding is seen as a milestone in a couple’s life. But not all countries celebrate it the same way with different traditions that affect the food, the schedule, and the outfits. But one thing that does not change is the fact that weddings are celebrated with our loved ones, and when we want them to attend, an invitation is the way to go. So if you’re still unsure about your invitation design, we present you the font that’ll enable you to create one from scratch.

This is Mitchaella from Moovied Co., a unique luxury font that brings elegance with the marvelous, and sometimes curvy, designs of its letters. Highlight the names of the happy couple by using the stylistic alternate characters and mix them with the regular designs or simply combine it with other fonts for magazine covers, business cards, quote posts, and logos. You can also make the designs more vivid by adding some of the 12 pre-made logo wedding illustrations for a fairy tale marked with splendor. And with its ligatures, ornaments, and alternates, you’ll be able to show Mitchaella’s magical presentation with each letter without being limited by the placement or project.

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