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Mesquin Uppercase Display Typeface

Mesquin Typeface

Nothing and no one is one dimensional. If you look closely and with purpose, you will realize that everything has different aspects that can be integrated into multiple designs to create interesting elements, just like this new Mesquin typeface shared by MuSan.

This sans serif typeface presents a collection of all caps letters, numbers, and symbols designed in 4 styles: solid, italic, rough, and rust which can be combined or used separately for bold and confident projects. This means that with one resource, you will be able to include rough textures and modern features in your presentation without lifting a finger. Feel free to use Mesquin for your posters, brochures, t-shirt designs, websites, social media posts, advertisements, headlines, postcards, branding and packaging designs and many other projects related to adventure, sports, cars, etc. This free demo provided in ZIP format is only free for personal use so if you’re interested in using it for commercial purposes, then check out the full version.

Mesquin Typeface 7

Mesquin Typeface 6

Mesquin Typeface Letters

Mesquin Typeface 3

Mesquin Typeface 4

Mesquin Typeface Multilingual

Mesquin Typeface 8

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