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Merriweather Serif Typeface

Merriweather Serif Typeface

As human beings first and designers second, we know how to appreciate a project that aims to be aesthetically pleasing. But when professionalism calls, we realize the importance of clarity and the need for simplicity. And once you reach that point, we’ll be right here with Merriweather, a serif font designed by Sorkin Type.

Merriweather features 4 weights: light, regular, bold, and black, all of which come with an italic design to provide users who’d like to utilize multiple styles in one project. With condensed letterforms evident in the uppercase and lowercase letters and a large x-height, it can be added to UX and UI designs including posters and ads featuring electronic devices, projects that demand full clarity for better results such as bank applications and sign in/up pages. And since Merriweather supports multiple languages, it can also be used for language teaching books.

Merriweather Serif Typeface Characters

Merriweather Serif Typeface Weights

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