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Maragsa Display Typeface

Maragsa Display Typeface

There is plenty that can be said with an image. Even the most avid of readers realize the significance of what is visual. And although words are never seen as an image but a text, doesn’t the font used to deliver a visualization that enables designers to combine the two? So if you’re looking for a font that has a lot to say and show, we’d like to share the new creation of John David Maza, Maragsa.

Maragsa is a display typeface presented in OTF format with sharp semi-serifs and diagonal stress. It owes its form to one of the accent marks used as a guide to the correct pronunciation of Filipino words—the pakupyâ accent— and it brings you characters with unusual designs, varied shapes, and abrupt cuts that can be used to create hypnotizing books titles and headlines or to decorate posters, logotypes, and ads.

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