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Man Reading SMS Vector Illustration (AI)

Man Reading SMS Illustration

For better or for worse, mobile phones have changed the world we live in. In modern society, they have become a necessity to keep in touch with family and business connections, not to mention features such as data storage, gaming, navigation, and tracking for safety.

But apart from all the great reasons innovation has enhanced our lives, sometimes it seems to enslave us. Instead of getting us together, it actually can separate us. This is best portrayed while walking down the street, or at the mall, or being gathered in the living room at home, as everyone around is engaged in some screen-based mission, just like the man in the free vector format illustration we bring you today.

This colorful illustration is perfect for your printed designs as well as your web designs. Whether you’re writing a tech article, marketing a chatting application, or designing an online store, this illustration is easy to use and can be edited using Adobe Illustrator (AI) to suit your project.

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