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Free Magazine Mockup (PSD)

Magazine Mockup

In today’s digital world full of iPads and Kindles, some people still prefer reading actual magazines and books. People still enjoy the smell and texture of books, and would rather spend their afternoon reading the latest celebrity gossip than staring at their phone screens. Magazines are still a big deal nowadays, and although they compete with online websites and other sources of entertainment, they’re rakings are still high and it doesn’t look like they’re on their way down the ladder. This free magazine mockup pack will let you create realistic magazine presentations. The pack includes 12 standard view scenes, 17 ready-made background textures (or you can use your own), and 7 unique close-up scenes. The demo is fully layered; you can choose whatever view you want or proportion, and then replace your design and background texture. You can also edit the shadows, reflections and environment effects according to your taste.

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Magazine Mockup Magazine Mockup

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