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Magazine Cover with Shadow Overlay Mockup (PSD)

Magazine Cover with Shadow Mockup

Elegance and beauty gracefully combined to give you a great opportunity to present your creative designs. And what’s better in holding the attention of all viewers than a simple mockup that includes a widely known item that people check regularly if not daily: a magazine.

This is the magazine cover mockup from Momogi. Set in a realistic scene, it showcases one single PSD magazine set from a top view to give you the best option for a clear cover. And in order to add more to its aesthetic appeal, the designer of this mockup kept the shadow over the magazine which brings it to life and keeps a realistic effect that pleases your clients. With only a few clicks, you’ll have at your hands a wonderful project that you can share with others and keep in your portfolio.

Magazine Cover with Shadow Mockup

Free Download free download Premium Version premium download Category Magazines Software / Format ps Posted : 26 Feb, 2019 10,585 Views